Fleas are no small matter.

Five important facts you should know about fleas:

Fleas are everywhere. They’re at the dog kennel, in your garage, between the cracks of your hardwood floors and all over your backyard. They also live on opossums, raccoons, skunks and other wild animals. When these pests pass through your yard, flea eggs drop off and develop into adults that can hop onto your unsuspecting dog.1

Fleas hold their ground. Once an adult flea lands on your dog, it plans to stay there. Fleas don’t search for new hosts once they have one.1 If a flea jumps on your dog, chances are it’s come from a contaminated environment.

Fleas act fast. Females begin laying eggs 20-24 hours after their first blood meal and can lay about 2,000 in their lifetime.2 You may not see fleas right away, but numbers can increase rapidly as thousands of eggs develop in the environment. This high volume makes it critical to treat your dog with fast and effective Credelio (lotilaner) that kills fleas before they lay eggs.

Fleas can be difficult to spot. In mild infestations, you may not see fleas on your dog. You might, however, find small black pellets of “flea dirt” (flea feces with semi-digested blood) in your dog’s fur. In moderate and severe infestations, you might see adult fleas crawling on your dog’s skin.1

Fleas use dogs to spread infections. Fleas pose serious risks to your dog including tapeworm infections, bartonellosis (cat scratch fever) and other diseases and conditions that can affect your dog, other pets and your family.1

Talk to your veterinarian about how Credelio® (lotilaner) can protect your dog from ticks and fleas all month long.