Help keep your pup free of ticks and fleas.

Tick and flea infestations can be stressful and frustrating. Fortunately, they’re relatively simple to treat. Follow these steps to help rid your home of ticks and fleas:

Consult your veterinarian: He or she is the best resource for tick and flea control information.

Kill ticks and fleas on your pets: Treat all dogs in your home with an approved tick and flea medication that will also kill flea eggs. Credelio®(lotilaner) is designed to kill ticks and fleas fast, has a low rate of vomiting and diarrhea and lasts all month long.1,2,3,4

Prevent future infestations: Keep all pets on an approved tick and flea medication to ensure that any emerging fleas and future ticks are killed. Credelio is the only brand for dogs to deliver 100% flea-free results after three consecutive months of treatment.5 See other Elanco products for controlling fleas.

Eliminate ticks and fleas in your home: For severe environmental flea infestations, consider hiring a pest management specialist (exterminator).