Protect play time and snuggle time from ticks and fleas all month long with Credelio® (lotilaner).

From Elanco Animal Health, your trusted maker of parasite control products Interceptor® Plus (milbemycin oxime/praziquantel) and Trifexis® (spinosad + milbemycin oxime) heartworm, intestinal worm and flea treatments, Credelio offers long-lasting tick and flea protection in a tasty 4, chewable tablet.

Targeted Power

  • Stays 100% effective all month long against fleas1
  • In a head-to-head study, 100% of dogs were flea free after three months of treatment with Credelio versus just 93.2% of dogs treated with NexGard.
  • Greater than 97% efficacy against ticks in 48 hours throughout the entire month following treatment.
  • Kills ticks for up to 37 days.3
  • Credelio’s active ingredient, lotilaner, targets the nerve receptors of ticks and fleas without targeting your dog6
  • Gentle enough for all puppies and dogs 8 weeks of age or older that weigh 4.4 pounds or greater